For Parents

At Blueberry School, we believe students experience success when they take the strategies they have learned and apply them independently to new learning situations, both at school and at home. The incredible commitment of school staff to meet the needs of every child readies them for that success.

Quotes From Parents

"We feel so thrilled and fortunate to have our children attend a school that truly cares and is safe. Blueberry goes above and beyond in so many ways and has amazing leadership that we feel is truly helping to shape our children to be the best that they can be - academically, personally, socially and emotionally. We are so impressed with the cultural learning that is happening, the music program, the arts & crafts, the physical education and the citizenship that is being taught. Blueberry School is very serious about teaching the kids pride, respect, generosity, thankfulness and awareness. The overall level of caring and excitement towards everything they do is absolutely amazing."

- Early Years Parent

"Both of my daughters joined Blueberry School in the fall - one in Grade 7 and one in Grade 9. All of us were given a warm welcome. They have both made a wonderful transition academically and socially. They have been accepted by staff and students and feel very comfortable at Blueberry. Academically they picked up from where they left off, and have enjoyed the great selection of options offered at Blueberry. I feel happy knowing my girls are in a great place where being a good student and citizen is encouraged. Our family has fit right into the Blueberry family!"

- Middle Years Parent

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